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Desarrollador TheZero

eZing is a messaging app that closes follows concepts of well-known messengers to achieve the same comfortable reading and writing of messages. The transport to be used is emails, using standard IMAP-servers. eZing-Messages are locally encrypted and forwarded. Decryption takes place at the recipients device. Necessary keys are generated within the app so the private key never leaves the device while the public key is transmitted to the chat partners.In this early stage of eZing you need to use your own mailserver to send and receive messages. Please create yourself a unique mailaddress just for eZing. Until we can publish the eZing-server, you have to use our infrastructure. In the near future you will be able to host the whole messaging-infrastructure on your own hardware.
There are obviously a lot of messengers around. But each and every messenger has the same weak spot. Data are held and forwarded on central servers on premises of the providers. Over time, encryption slowly made its way into the apps. But what kind of encryption is used? Is it safe? Proven to work?
Another problem are proprietary protocols. Usually there's an API for third party developers, but every messenger introduces its own, new API that evolves with the enhancements of the primary app.
What happens if my partner doesn't have the necessary app? Maybe he doesn't want it or, as it happened to me recently, his phone fell into a river. Not only all stored messages are lost, at least temporarily, I am disconnected from that way of communication.
Is there a thing everyone has, that is available everywhere?
Yes! E-Mail.
Sure, E-Mail is an aged protocol and writing emails is formalized enough to be tedious with salutation and complimentary close, especiall if you only want to send a quick "I'm here". But E-Mail simply works. Everywhere. Cross platform and fast.
Even if the mailserver is down, you receive your mail as soon as the server is available again. Mails will not be lost. Most importantly: Mails are decentral. Everyone can use their own mailserver. If necessary, I can set up a mail server on my notebook and communicate globally. I can run a mailserver in the company and all internal mails stay internal. Still I can communicate with external recipients. No extension necessary, because well, that's the heart of E-Mail.
Security? E-Mail has an answer, de facto standard PGP. With the public-key process, safe E-Mail are no problem these days. Sure, it is difficult to set this up and it requires a few additional steps when sending a mail. eZing takes care of this, it addresses all the keys and encryption/decryption, so you can concentrate on your conversation and the app sees to your privacy.
Advantages of eZing
Proven transport mechanism E-MailSafe communication using PGPDecentral message storage on arbitrary mail serversTechnology
Encryption using PGPTransmition using SMTPMessage storage using IMAP-ServersNotification via Push-Services